Anonymous said: I cuss WAY too much & I've been trynna stop doing it to much cuz I'm used to it and I do it infront of teachers and parents and It makes me look bad. Any suggestions ?

Heyy ~
I used to have this ”stress ball”-like toy that kinda helped me. Whenever I want to say something mean, I don’t say it at all and kinda squeeze it.

Other tactics I had were saying funny things that sounded like swearing but not actually. Examples I did back then were: “What the fruit/frick? Father mucker. Flamming (instead of freakin). Ship this blows. “
Things like that. Yes everyone knows what you’re actually saying but it’s funny sometimes and it’s a step better than cussing right? Eventually you’ll just stop and find more of a vocabulary xD.

Good luck.


Monday Dec 12 @ 03:22am

Anonymous said: Hey, uh, what happened? Are you guys still on this or like already stopped ?

I’m very sorry. Things have been rough and busy for everyone.
We’re still on this, it hasn’t stopped! 
It’s not a matter of if, we will answer everything we receive! We’re sorry for the delay.


Monday Dec 12 @ 03:16am

Anonymous said: So I work at McDonald's.I've been there for a couple months and the store manager was so happy with my work ethic, recently asked me if I'd like to undergo a course and become a manager myself. However, I've been treated pretty badly recently by the other managers in the store. It's to the point where I'm in tears everyday. Long story short.. My mum said she'd be disappointed with me if I left and lost the opportunity to do my course but I'm so unhappy everyday. I don't know what to do.

Hi there. I’m sorry things are rough right now =(.
In this situation, communication is really the key.
First, tell your mother how unhappy you’ve been. Does she understand why it’s making you unhappy? Tell her. Tell her everything that’s going on. You’re in tears. It’s making you miserable. That isn’t good one bit.

If your mother still insists that you take the course, well, I would talk to someone that’s in a higher-up position than the manager. Tell him or her what’s going on and it’s making you very hurt and upset and see what solution he or she can offer. If it’s making you cry, there has to be something wrong and maybe he or she can help!

Take a stand and communicate. You can do it ~ Good luck =)


Monday Dec 12 @ 03:13am

Anonymous said: I recently got a girlfriend, first girlfriend ever. I've had a boyfriend and my therapist is still skeptical on me being bisexual. She, my therapist, is constantly challenging me on it. I haven't seen her in a few weeks and my girlfriend's kissed me like three times, she kissed me before we were official. I haven't even come out to my dad, told my mom when I was questioning, and I'm sick of having this secret. I want people to know, I want to be able to tell people I have a girlfriend.

First of all, congratulations =). Falling in love is always something worth celebrating about.
As for your situation with your therapist, there’s honestly probably no one who knows you better than you yourself. Ask yourself the big questions and come to terms with who you are. With that, perhaps you do need to talk to more people about it and what not. Relax, deep breaths and be who you want to be. Who has the right to stop you? No one =).
As for coming out, well, there’s honestly no need to rush is there? Regardless of people knowing or not, you’re still who you are and you’re still in love. Give it time and when you’re comfortable, stable and confident, then talk to your dad about it =).

Good luck.

Monday Dec 12 @ 03:03am

Anonymous said: hi umm i liked this guy for a while and i didnt know his age. i thought he was 17 but hes 19 and i just turned 15 a few weeks ago. and we started talking and he said he thought i was 16 or 17 and we rrally hit it off. so weve been tecting for a while bow and we both admited to each other that we both like each other. and hes perfect. everything ive wished for in a guy. and were not dating becuase its illegal but we talk and stuff like were dating. and it makes me sad i cant really be with him.

There’s nothing wrong with being friends with him for the time being. 
Why don’t you just give it time for you to be a more comfortable age? Talk to him. Be friends. Be good, best friends. If he is a good influence on you, then I don’t see why he shouldn’t stay in your life.
But know the boundaries of what should and shouldn’t be done. If he truly cares for you, then he’ll wait for you to be comfortable as well instead of forcing something.

The reason the laws placed is so no rash decisions could be made while a teen is still developing (and assumed to be hormonal in terms of emotions). 

If your emotions are still intact as time goes on to when you’re comfortable, then there’s honestly nothing stopping your relationship.

I wish you two the best of luck.


Sunday Dec 12 @ 01:15am

Anonymous said: So i've liked this guy for 3 years, he was my best friend. I found out that he was talking shit about me a year ago and we stopped talking (is more complicated than that but that's not the point). Well the thing is he kissed me at a party. He kissed me like if I were one of the many other girls he kisses. And now I found out that he kissed another girl THE SAME FUCKING DAY. I feel like shit. Please tell me if you don't understand something I'm sorry I can't think properly-.

Heyy. I know you just found out from a third party but if he’s your best friend, perhaps give him the benefit of the doubt to ask him about it? Approach him and talk to him about it! Maybe there is reason to his actions and maybe there isn’t… but at least you gave him a chance right? Also say he is what you said and he was being disrespectful, at least you expressed it to him and perhaps you two can get some understanding.

I know you’re upset but the best thing you can do honestly is approach him calmly and hear his side of the story. =) Good luck.


Sunday Dec 12 @ 01:09am

Anonymous said: I went clubbing with some friends and ended up getting into a fight with a guy that has been flirting with me for ages. I'm not interested and he's an ass, but that didn't stop me from letting him get with me later. I feel used. Am I weak/bad? :(

Hello lovely. No you’re not bad at all. I just think you’re a tad confused and when you’re young it’s okay to not know! It’s normal to fall a few times and make a few bad decisions. The decisions were bad, but that doesn’t you were as long as you realize it and learn from it. If you’re being used, recognize it and make a stand!
You deserve better than someone abusive. I’m sure your friends and family feel the same way.
Stay strong.


Sunday Dec 12 @ 01:05am

Anonymous said: Hey! So um I've been struggling with lots of issues that I think is something mental like anxiety or bpd or something but idk what and I can't tell anybody about it or it gets worse help I just feel trapped inside my own head and it physically hurts

The best you could do is express them! 
Write them out. Draw them. Tell someone, anyone… do something. Anything that doesn’t involve keeping it inside and not telling anyone. The voice in your head unfortunately just gets louder and louder if you don’t do anything about it =(. I know you said you can’t really tell anyone about it but if you try, I’m sure someone will listen. Try someone you trust, family, or a close friend. You can even express it to this blog if you really want to.
Mental anxiety is tough! Don’t feel bad. I’ve gone through the same thing.


Sunday Dec 12 @ 01:02am

Anonymous said: I love my boyfriend so much, and we've just started getting comfortable with each other. He tries to make out with me, and I try to, but I just can't get the hang of it- plus he has bigger lips than me and we both have braces... any advice? kind of random but I really need help :/

If lip to lip contact is awkward, there’s other ways of being affectionate towards another. Cuddling, hugs, kisses to cheek, forehead, any of those would do. 
In terms of actual making out, unfortunately, I don’t know what else to suggest but trying to close the lips together a little more. =/, Sorry.

If anything, I wouldn’t worry so much about it. If you two love each other, it’ll feel amazing regardless. Congratulations of your love! 

Sunday Dec 12 @ 12:59am

Anonymous said: I like this boy, we talk almost every day on fb, but both of us are very shy to talk to each other in school, even though we both want to. We only have a couple of classes together and he's always around his friends. How do I approach to him?

Heyy. It doesn’t hurt to just ask him out? =) If you really can’t approach him and get butterflies in person (which i can totally relate), there’s nothing wrong with asking him on fb or text message “hey, do you wanna hang out?”.
Depends on his interests, find something in common: walks on the beach, hanging out in the park, library “study” date? Things like that are simple and don’t even cost money. Just something casual you two can do together.

You have a couple of classes together, maybe smile and wave at him, sit beside him sometimes… do casual gestures.
If he spends time to talk to you on facebook almost everyday, I’m sure he’s interested as well so I wouldn’t worry too much.


Saturday Dec 12 @ 02:59am